Saturday, July 19, 2008


My dog might have to have the tip of his tail amputated! We spent the first half of the day at the ER vet clinic as Denver cut the crap out of his tail at the dog washing place. He sliced it on a piece of torn sheet metal. Poor guy! The dog place was super nice about it all and are graciously picking up the tab. It was a simple accident. We won't know about the amputation until tomorrow or next week. The tip of the tail has hardly any circulation, so it might not want to heal. So we just wait to see. He has such a cute little piggie curl on the tip complete with a kink in it, I'd hate to see it go. We'll hope for the best. For now, he looks like he has a big golf ball on the end of his tail with the bandages.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Oh, I so want this in Austin. Anybody? Anybody??

"Each month they invite a bunch of artists to come out and create affordable pieces of art work. It is a great way to meet artists in your area and also for artists in the community to connect and say hello. Another component of the sketch tuesday party is that each month, the artist of the month, gets to invite their favorite artists and friends to come out and draw." - Ferris Plock


So, when my friend Renee helped me install the new electrical wiring in the trailer everything seemed to work after we finished. Since moving the trailer to the East side, some of the outlets and light boxes have decided to not work. Poo!

I found someone (that hopefully pans out!) that is willing to trade some electrical work for art thru Craigslist! I am so excited and hope it works out!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2008


i was surprised this AM when i realized that i have over 400 peeps that heart me on Etsy. what a wonderful treat to find. i don't know why i don't check on that more often, i guess it leaves room for happiness when i DO check it out. i'm going to celebrate somehow...


i've had this desire to make little art blocks for awhile now. you know, like alphabet blocks but with designs, drawings or bits on them. small pieces that can be showcased on a shelf not the wall. to be stacked on top of each other if one so wishes. i am going to experiment today with the idea. it's even more portable than my little bite sized paintings.

~alphabet and designs of Alexander Girard, who was a long time textile designer for Herman Miller and all around amazing artist. check them out by clicking here.

~neat re-purposed alphabet blocks by SushiPot on Etsy.
~creepy yet aluring photo by Jennifer Dennis Potter