Friday, November 20, 2009

i spent my weekend over on the Eastside, and all i got was this lousy crack rock!

Seriously, kids, don't let the EASTside of I-35 scare you! It's full of wonderful art, culture and diversity and it's all waiting for you on this, the last weekend of the East Austin Studio Tour. So, get your bikes out or good walking shoes and be a tourist!

My work can be seen at #43 on the map...2710 E. Cesar Chavez, just west of Pleasant Valley. I'm in the back, under a tent. Saturday around 1, the lovely ladies of Guy Town will be coming by to sarenade us all with their twang and time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

EAST picks

Well, the first weekend of the East Austin Studio Tour is under our belts and I even managed to take off yesterday AM and take in a bit of art. I also spent a lot of time looking through the catalog and picking favorites and desires to see in person. There are few catalogs to be had now (I don't know if they are printing more up or not), so I've compiled a list of my EAST picks. I have a feeling next weekend will be a little frenzy to see what wasn't seen this past.

Catherine Dudley(#90a) @ 701 Tillery street, just east of Pleasant Valley.

★ #90b There are also some charming & powerful photos by Sarah Wilson right outside Catherine's studio.

★ #18 Denise Prince @ 1404 Willow Street Suite B (alley entrance).

★ #29 Andrew Long @ 2106 & 2110 Willow Street

★ #35 Carin Rodenborn @ 2507 B East 6th St.

★ #44 The Decoder Ring Design Concern @ 638 Tillery Street

★ #45b The Wondercraft's mobile studio "Stella" @ 629 Allen Street

★ #52 Court Lurie @4704 Cesar Chavez, Buildings B, Suite 300

★ #63 Jaime Jo Fisher @ 5609 Steven Creek Way

★ #70 Daphne Holland with Cari Washburn @ Pagoda Studio 5306 Bolm Road #8

★ #77 Ginko Studios @ 800 Gullett Street

★ #121 Catherine Hart @ 3023 E. 13th

★ # 137 Adaptive Re-use @ 4017 Cherrywood Rd.

Ya'll there is soooo much to see, just go out and see what you can. It's going to be beautiful this weekend and I hope to see some of you!