Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alumni Show

In October, I participated in an alumni invitational exhibition at Texas State University.  After over a decade out of school, it was a nice chance to review how I've grown as an artist. Also, was delightful reminiscing with old school chums.  It was so interesting seeing the paths we've all taken along the way.  Unlike past alumni exhibits at the school, this one was curated differently.  Instead of inviting alum from various years of graduation, this show was focused on a certain "generation" of grads from the Art & Design department.  We were asked to submit a piece that revisited an art assignment from when we were in college.  There was no requirement on medium or the way the piece needed to end up.  It was simply a spring board.  At first I chose to work in clay, in which I had concentrated in.  After some experimentation, I decided NOT to do it simply because I was not as comfortable with the medium as I once had been.  I was sad, but embraced the change in heart and persevered.  I ended up with a collection of mixed media drawings that I thought were delicate, refined and good enough for display.  I was nervous about exhibiting...all of my old mates and profs seeing my work.   Everything went well and my old ceramics prof even invited me to come share my story (with images) with her advanced students.  That was fun. It also symbolized my coming full circle in many respects to my art career.  The whole experience was just wonderful.