Monday, September 13, 2010


Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Susie Ghahremani {aka boygirlparty}, I've started a podcast for your listening pleasure. Some of the music I currently cannot get enough of. Usually stuff I listen to while working. I'll make new ones periodically for ya'll too. It's fun to make them! So click here if you have iTunes and here if not. And make sure to subscribe for automatic updates!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Assembly Required

It is not often we pamper ourselves with total immersion in a favorite (art) medium...FOR FUN. Well, Saturday I did just that. Six hours of uninterrupted creation, in various forms...and it was divine. {{First of all, I HAVE to give a huge shout out to Eye of the Dog Art Center, whose vision is being realized and they are SHARING it with everyone. So you should go and get you's pretty cool. And they serve wine...HELLO!}} Beverly's "Found, Funky & Fun Assemblage Workshop" was just the coolest. We foraged thru Bev's amazing collections of lost and found treasures & also brought items for swapping with other workshop participants, then went to town. Premeditated ideas were tossed on their ass as it became an exercise of letting go and giving intuition a turn at the wheel. Trying to lose control on purpose is hard...especially in only 6 hours. By mid-day, I started to get into the groove and as soon as the flow started pouring, class was over. That is fine though, as it was great to hang out with some awesome women and get out of my comfort zone of 2D work. Here are some pics from class:

Here are some shots of my talented friend's piece that I absolutely love.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm Stephanie. Remember me? Probably not, I haven't been on here since LAST YEAR???!!! WTH? oops. Consistency isn't a strong-suit of mine. By golly I try, though. Anyways...going to try and write more on here. It's nice to share my creative musings, etc.

So, here is something I'm currently working on. The home office. It's awfully boring and disorganized. The remedy is coming. Today I will set off to assemble the IKEA shelving purchased last week (this will probably take all day know IKEA assembly is no small task). Here is my "before" picture. I know you totally expected me to work in this impeccably cute & aesthetically pleasing wonderland...but nope. I hope to turn that around and make some order out of the current chaos that is my office.