Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Morning Coffee

Happy Sunday! I'm enjoying a fresh cup of java out of my brand new glorious mug from artist, Molly Hatch.  I was visiting Atlanta last weekend and she happened to be down from her home in Massachusetts teaching a workshop at Mudfire (where I had taken a workshop in Summer 2010 with the ridiculously talented Diana Fayt). Molly and I met last year at Art of the Pot here in Austin.  Diana and Molly are friends and were guests of potter, Keith Kreeger during Art of the Pot.  I went to say hi to Diana and instantly became smitten with Molly and her work.  She is a joy and doing some awesome design work for Anthropologie. I wish she lived closer, but for now I'll have to look forward to a possible Skype date with her to talk shop.  Can't wait for that conversation/s.

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Kat said...

Lovely! I would prefer a band called My Morning Coffee to that other band, I think... (no escaping band talk, it's March in Austin).