Friday, August 22, 2008

Time Travel

yesterday, i went to visit my friend Kayci at her shop Moxie and the Compound (& picked up a nice check...surprise!). after catching up, she drug me over to this shop i have been meaning to check out for sometime now...Aviary. she thought my work would look smashing in their space and after talking with the delightful owner, Marco, and showing him some of my newest work we decided to work towards an installation of my work. one big 'piece' containing all the smaller pieces. i have always been in love with the concept of a ton of small items making up a larger piece. there is a monumental aspect about it that fascinates me.

we also discussed (over wine) other possibilities of more permanent or large scale designs. i had told him of my desire to actually make one of the pieces an actual mural and using 3D elements (like floating shelves with objects on them) to implement as part of the design. to actually make up the "imagery" of the piece (we're talking about those 'background' pieces i just showed you here . Yay!

i am just so pleased and taken back by the thought that design processes & application techniques i used close to ten years ago can still be considered contemporary and refined enough to be utilized in today's decor. it just goes to show that art is timeless and not trendy and it's a breath of fresh air to me to see that right now.

i see a full circle ahead.

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