Sunday, September 14, 2008

Purple Rain

Last evening we went to an awesome event with a cosmic ending. After days of 'preparing' for hurricane Ike, expecting horrific wind and inches upon inches of rain, Ike took a turn and ended up giving us NOTHING...maybe 5mph winds. We went along with our plans to attend a Prince Tribute Night.

Purple attire, purple drinks, purple makeup and nails later we walked over to the Scoot Inn and settled in for a hot and humid night of dancing our booties off to the likes of Foot Patrol. By the end of the night we were tired and sweaty and having a blast and just at the end of the set, right as TJ was about to perform Purple Rain...the heavens opened up and poured down upon us. As soon as the show was over, the rain stopped and left us sopping and walking home giddy in the puddles it left behind.


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