Sunday, October 26, 2008


So, our Halloween Party was last night and we had so much fun. We fed our friends a lovely dinner and drank lots of wine; danced a little bit and summoned the owl that we are trying to get to nest in our owl house. It was lovely. This morning when I woke I immediately started thinking of the next things on my calendar and now I'm a little overwhelmed.

November is fastly approaching. There is so much going on for me that month (work & play) and a lot of prep going on for these events. The East Austin Studio Tour is around the corner and so is Blue Genie Art Bazaar; both of which i am participating in. Well, actually, I'm "unoffically" on the E.A.S.T. tour...but my studio-mates are and so I am a 'guest' artist there...come see my studio & buy art!!! It is November 22-23 from 10am-5pm and features over 100 galleries and studios that are open to the public for viewing and perusing.

Then Blue Genie starts two weeks after that. this one i am 'officially' in. It's a 22 day shopping extravaganza for all things Austin art! Sooooo much fun and so much great art. I'm going to have plenty of notecards and prints this year to help those tightening their purse strings.

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