Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happiness is...crappy pictures, sneak peeks and letting go.


1. Here is a sneak peek into what I've been up to in the studio over the last week. Having my work so close to me since moving out of the trailer is convenient & enjoyable. I just go back and forth to the garage and house working. They are not finished, so be kind. :)


2. I forgot to mention a really great conversation with an old friend/studiomate I had a couple weeks ago. We had not spoken this candidly in a while and it was so refreshing and needed on my end. The talk really helped me to let go of some pre-conceived 'notions' I have had and so called standards I expected myself to uphold...even if wasn't in the best interest of the art I was producing. So, thank you Brandon. You are appreciated!


3. Amazingly lovely weather for SXSW week. If you are anywhere near Austin this time of year...you hear the hummmmm of music and the music lovers have flocked to central Texas for SXSW. Official and unofficial offerings are a plenty and there is no reason to stay inside. Some of the BEST people watching you'll ever get! Here are a couple of links if you need help planning your attack:

Official SXSW
Crafty Redhead Blog
Showlist Austin
Austin 360

Happy almost Spring!!

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Linda Sheets said...

Stephanie, Great stuff. Sorry to hear the trailer is gone...but looks like you are still producing. Glad to know I can follow your work here.