Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ahead of the Curve.

image via Cupcakes Take The Cake

It bewilders me when I think about how ahead of my time I can be. I mean, I knew about Birkenstocks back in the 80's before their popularity spread like wildfire! Throughout my lifetime this has happened, however this is a big one and I really need to know...

Where were all the trailer park eateries and shops when I owned my Airstream 5 years ago???? And where was MY VISION when I became fascinated (okay, obsessed) with them 10 years ago???? Why did I not receive the memo from the Airstream fanatics about the "phenomenon" that was about to take place????

I KNOW there was a secret society, and I was not invited.

Okay, I had a vision, I just didn't do with with the gusto these brilliant people have. The invasion of the Airstream dreamers is alive and being well received here in Austin, Texas. Cupcake trailers, gift boutiques, gormet taco stands, yummy crepe noshins, hamburger joints, a smore house, a mobile craft studio? Let me count the ways folks have been using their creative juices and travel trailers to contribute to a more weird Austin, and I believe this is not just limited to Austin, as it has been spreading throughout the world like a never ending Gobstopper. Did it start with The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona, and move onto more boutique airstream hotels like The Grand Daddy's Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park in Cape Town?

What came first: Hey, Cupcake? or Daisy Cakes

Whatever, or whomever started this, the trend has been happening for years and continues to grow. I just sold my travel trailer/studio a few months back, but now seeing clever ideas like this makes me swoon for more.

le sigh...

image via Design*Sponge

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selahestelle said...

LOVE the trailer phenom! I remember your "ahead of the curveness"; way to be a trend-setter! I think the blue dotty one is my fave. Fun post! Yay trailer businesses!