Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dogs & Donkeys & Cats, Oh My!

It all started as a holiday gift for some close friends who own miniature donkeys. Never touted myself as a realistic painter, but it was easy as paint by numbers with my method; plus they are not true lifelike in the traditional sense in my opinion.

The process:
find a picture I like,
print out to desired size,
use carbon paper to trace patches of color or shadow, etc,
connect the dots.

That painting led to a pet portrait donation for a lucky winner, then posting that on lovely Facebook led to other interest all of which lands me to my third pet portrait EVER....Archie the cat. Or should I say THE cat of all cats? I was roommates with Archie's mom and got to know Archibald (until we found out HE was a SHE) for a couple years. Here it is a decade or so later and she is a most beloved member of the Bloom family still. With a baby Bloom on the way, and Archie in her golden years what better birthday gift for mommy than a painting. So Sig and I secretly planned and I must say, it turned out incredible for my abilities.

Next up, is Addie and then possibly some more donkeys. WHO EVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I would be decent enough at this that people are interested in more? Thanks guys! I'm flattered. So, I leave you here with some images of the 3 I have finished so far.

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