Saturday, July 14, 2007

acupunture & broken glasses

we're back from our trip out West. we had a blast! it was extremely chillax and fun and NOT HOT! fantastic. on our way back, i accidentally stepped on my glasses and broke them clean in half. i was okay, because i had backups at home; only to find those were broken as well (i knew this...but had forgotten) i had to go to the cheapy glasses place and get some new ones. they aren't bad from being chosen off the "super savings" wall.

i've been experiencing some extreme right hand pain from overuse (mainly on the darn computer laptop mouse). i finally broke down and got some acupuncture yesterday. it helped, and i will be going 2-3x next week to help more. they even gave me some Chinese herbs to take (mortar and pestaled especially for moi).

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Natalie Tischler said...

I almost never get new glasses until I have broken the last pair.