Sunday, July 29, 2007

Studio Boot Camp

after taking yesterday off, i am going back into the studio to do some more work. i got about 25 tiny paintings done for Happiness' Cactus Show this weekend and now i am going to work on some jewelry for Parts & Labour and Moxie and the Compound. Lizelle at P&L has been harrassing me and it's high time i get them something.

then, i'll paint again all next week. i'm prepping for installing lots of paintings at Kerby Lane Cafe in late August and my Online Gallery Sale on Aug. 3rd.

i'm also working on a collaboration with Vintage Trialer Supply for some promo. that's exciting and i appreciate Steve getting in touch with me!

and then, and then, and then...i could go on, but i'll spare you...for now.

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David said...

Really fun and wondeful art