Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i just got finished going thru 5 rubbermaid tubs and one trunk full of memorabilia....you know, that stuff you never think you'll see again that collects dust in your parent's attic? field day ribbons, yearbooks, class pictures, fridge art, greeting cards from 1977. it was about time i did it, and oddly enough most of it was my sister's, which she will inherit this weekend when i make the trek to Houston. i wonder where my yearbooks are??

i have been busying myself with non-art stuff. My sister is 8 months pregnant and i have yet to see her since she moved home from her and her husbands 1.5 yr stay in Scotland, but this weekend i get to spoil her and rub her belly (against her will) as my mother and i are hosting a bebe shower. i've been making these pom poms to use as a garland. i also went to my friend Sibby's, from Juniper Hills Farm, so she could help me make some lavender scones for the shower. let me tell you , they are YUMMY.

i'm going to bed now. i'll see you later.

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