Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eat My Shorts: Appropriated from Carrie, who stole it from Devon

You know, I'm such a slow writer, and I long to blog more often but don't, as it gets a tad burdensome for me. My friend Carrie Elkin makes a list of her top five highlights of the day (or every few days), a "Sweet List of Goodness" she calls it. I think I will follow her and the unsuspecting Devon's lead and create my own weetle wist.

So, now introducing....a list I haven't named yet...

1. Jurying my first art event EVER (high school). Even though I find it hard to "judge" art, the point was to give the kids positive feedback and to encourage them to further explore their creative endeavors. It was an experience I hope to have again. I interviewed a couple dozen kids, met some cool peeps and then went on to help determine state qualifiers. Thanks to my new friend, Cristina for the awesome opportunity!

2. Attending retiring prof. Neal Wilson's retrospective art exhibit at TX State Univ. Gallery. I never had him as an fact, I never took a painting class...but he is of the generation of profs that I love so much and I wanted to support that. It was completely enjoyable.

3. Chatting & catching up with Michel Conroy (my old cermics prof) & getting a studio tour.

4. Seeing my dears...Derrick, Brandon, Kat, Bunny, Michael, not Robyn, and Red10 studio.

5. My view in the restroom at Red10:

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